Why choose us as The Original Frameless Shower Doors

Why choose us as The Original Frameless Shower Doors

We are the original, and nobody does it better.

For over 25 years, The Original Frameless Shower Doors has consistently grown to be one of the nation’s
largest and most respected shower door companies. We are also one of the only companies in existence that owns its own manufacturing facility to ensure the quality product we sell is the quality product you get! The ability to control and maintain the quality of every shower door is the cornerstone to our success. When one of our custom designed and built shower enclosures leaves the facility, we stamp our name on it, to ensure the best quality of craftsmanship is being sold and delivered direct from the manufacturer to you.

Expert installation. In-depth online resources. Unparalleled customer service.

We take great pride in making sure all employees are professional, highly trained and experienced in glass shower industry. Our presentation and appearance is just as important to us as ensuring that your custom made glass shower door is installed correctly, and beautifully the first time. Doing it yourself? We offer several different levels of assistance and consulting to our customers and our do-it-yourselfers! You are guaranteed all the trade secrets to install your new custom glass shower door; from phone consultations and advice, to online videos, and printable resources, such as our measuring and installation guides. We’re always developing better ways to keep our customers happy and stay innovative with the only direct from manufacturer frameless glass shower doors.

Lowest cost. Highest quality. Quickest turnaround.

Your shower door can be ready within about 48 hours from when the custom shower door design is approved to the moment your glass shower door is ready to be scheduled for delivery or installation. We offer direct from the manufacturer pricing and service, since after all that’s who we are. The Original Frameless Shower Doors is the only direct from manufacturer company offering the lowest prices and InstallationEASY product line. We urge you to get another quote from a retail shower door or glass company and compare our price to theirs, frameless glass shower door with installation! In some states (such as New York or Connecticut) your savings could be 50% or more. The price gouging stops here and now! You don’t have to worry about that high priced contractor or glass company to create the shower design you want! Start Designing!


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