Shower door installation question and answer —

Shower door installation question and answer —

I’m not a shower door glazer (installer), but I actually work at a tempering plant where enclosures like this are made. First, bowing wouldn’t happen from 80+ degree shower temps. We actually have to hear the glass up to about 600* to get it soft before it’s cooked rapidly, which is actually the tempering part of the process. This can cause bowing. There should be a logo on each panel, what does it say?

Something I need clarification on. Is the door chipping the panel on the hinge side or a panel on the handle side? Also, have you checked the gap between the door and the panel on both sides at the top, middle, and bottom of the door?

Also, can you add one more picture of the entire enclosure? Is this an enclosure that came with your new home or a renovation that was done? The glazing contractor has some liability depending on the length of time after the install.

Let me know what you can and I’ll do my best to help

The entire enclosure existing in a house we bought about 6 months ago. Install was 10+ years ago.

When I put a straight edge on the side panel, it is bowed (top and bottom cupped in towards door. The door edge is straight.

No chipping anywhere, and we became aware of the fact that the door was kissing the side panel almost immediately after it started happening so we’ve been careful.

I think I may go ahead and pay Mr. Shower Door as it couldn’t hurt to have the gaskets replaced and the door/panels reset. To be truthful, I was hoping someone would say, “Just give that screw a quarter turn…” or something equally easy and without risk.


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